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279: Hospital bedside with Milwaukee’s mechanic, Bob Bennett

Show Date: 10/19/2019

(Season 13, EP 42)

Bob Bennett is owner of Bennett Coachworks located in downtown Milwaukee. His team has builds that have won international prestigious awards like Pebble Beach Concourse.

However, Bob is still an everyday hot rodder. He has supported the local car scene for years. Throwing his support behind car shows and hosting classes that have included famous fabricator Gene Winfield.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio became a reality because of Bob’s support. He understood what we were trying to do to help the car enthusiasts in the Wisconsin.

Several week’s ago Bennett was inflicted with a rare syndrome where immediately he became paralyzed from the next down. Fortunately, he arrived to the emergency room where they were able to stop the progression. It very close to a total shut down. The staff were able to re-inflate his lungs which were collapsing. With a medical miracle he is stable and he might regain most of his body functions. They predict he will need constant care for almost a year that will involve rehabilitation.

And according to his family his insurance won’t cover the majority of this care.

Even though he struggles to breath he wanted to be on the radio show. To thank everyone for their prayers and financial support.
See article on how you can help…

Bob Bennett, Bennett Coachworks

If we don’t get caught by nurse Ratched – Captn’ Bob and Arlo are going to strap on their portable radio gear and have a bedside chat about what happened and how his shop is still going strong.

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