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280: Two of TV’s coolest cats, Ian Roussel and Joe Zolpher.

Show Date: 10/26/2019

(Season 13 EP 43)

Ian Roussel of Full Custom Garage and Joe Zolpher of Garage Squad.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will have two cool cats on the same bill. It’s going to be a full show.

Ian Roussel is a favorite because he builds artful rides that channels Ed Roth and Gene Winfield. He creates cars, trucks and motorcycles with a minimalist touch without fancy machines and tools. His process is to tear things a part and reassemble them to create a new vehicle.
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Ian Roussel with the shop inspector

Joe Zolpher is the a true mechanic that uses his skills to brings joy by bringing those lost and forgotten cars back to life. On the show – Garage Squad – the team shows up at someones home where a ride has been hostage to time. The owners had to neglect them because of family obligations or a terrible tragedy occurred. The show goes through and finishes the build.
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Joe Zolper, Garage Squad

Please join us in – what we hope – will be an inspiring conversation with both men.

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