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278: Mark Taylor with P. F. and the Flatheads band.

Show Date: 10/12/2019

(Season 13 EP 40)

P. F. and the Flatheads band have earned the reputation for putting on shows that make everyone want to dance. Even those hard core “I can’t dance” tough guys even find their way to the floor. The band go flat out in playing rock and roll.

Mark Taylor is one of the founders of the band and makes sure the band stays on beat with his dynamic drum style. He has a passion for playing music with his band mates.

The band has been a sponsor of some of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s coolest events. They were on stage for the 10th anniversary party. Mark even participated in the “battle of the drummers” where he went up against another drummer.

Mark is on the show to invite everyone to a special live show held at the Sprague Theater in Elhorn, Wisconsin. The Rock n Roll Show with P. F. and the Flatheads will be held Sunday October 20th starting at 3 pm.

The Sprague Theater opened in 1928 where it showed silent films. It continued to show movie block busters until 20 years ago when the cost of upgrading the projection system was to much. Since then it’s been used for theatrical plays and concerts.

So tune in the hear Mark talk about his musical career, his time with P. F. and the Flatheads band and his car collection. Many of you might know Mark from his famous little monster green T-bucket called the “Little Marvin”.

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Mark Taylor, drummer for the P. F. and the Flatheads
The Sprague Theater in Elkhorn, Wisconsin