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Posted October 12, 2019

A true car guy needs our generous help. His health bills are piling up because of a rare disease that requires constant care. There was no warning that rendered him paralyzed from the chest down. In a matter of hours, he collapsed under his own weight because every muscle in his body gave up. At this point the growth of the disease has been reversed and now requires long term rehabilitation to reconnect the nerves and muscles. The caregivers have projected a year of training to regain most of his functions.

Bob Bennett needs help with the medical bills because much of what he needs is not covered by his insurance. Everything comes out of his pocket.

Bob has been supporting the Wisconsin car scene for over 30 years. He is a true craftsman who works with local car owners when they need a little tweaking to full custom builds. He has held many shop tours and classes that have benefited the community. He has supported car clubs by offering advice and attending car meets. His popular annual Saints and Sinners car show was a marriage of his strong fast faith and his love for cars.

His reputation reaches around the world with international customers who bring their automobiles to Milwaukee. They demand Concourse level of detail that has won them top awards.

His shop, Bennett Coachworks has many talented employees that will continue to produce quality work. However, their leader won’t be able to run the business day to day operations. Which puts a tremendous strain on the team.

The goal is to get Bob back in the office. It will take many hours of rehabilitation. He has the will to get better.

His family and team have set up a “Go Fund Me” page. Please consider helping. See how you can do more…