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376: “Women in Porsche” with Victoria Thomas.

Show Date: 08/28/2021

(Season 15 EP34)

This Week’s Topics:

  • Victoria Thomas, Director of Wisconsin Women in Porsche +
  • Chaz Hastings checks in from Big Boy Wisconsin +
  • Wearing the WHRR / Gandrud T-shirts in Germany +  
  • More car show stuff – –

Victoria Thomas, Director of Wisconsin Women in Porsche.

She is the Director of the Wisconsin Chapter of Women in Porsche. Women in Porsche is an international organization that is dedicated to sharing the stories of and connecting the women who love, work with and drive Porsche.

Her mission with this group is to raise awareness and share in the joys of the industry for women of all ages. The focus is to draw women into the industry as drivers, technicians and engineers.

The owners of the internationally known Kelly-Moss Road and Racing company – convinced her to sell her successful accounting firm and come join with them. And now she is the CFO and Owner of Kelly-Moss leading a 90-member team from all over the world.

Since her joining Kelly-Moss has experienced a growth of 500 percent. They continue to diversify into other ventures including an online Racecar Driving Academy.

She has told us that her other goal is to make the fact that she is a woman in the automotive industry be inconsequential.

You can find out more about Women in Porsche by going to…

And check out the Wisconsin Chapter by going to…

If you would like to join other Porsche enthusiast visit…

To find out more about Kelly-Moss Road and Race…

Chaz Hastings checks in from Big Boy Wisconsin

Chaz will be checking in to tell us Big Boy news and happenings.

Stop in the restaurant to see all the Big Boy memorable items throughout the dining room. Mark your calendar for every Wednesday for their car show – weather permitting. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate it’s still a great hangout for you and your club.

Wisconsin Big Boy is located at N116W15841 Main Street, Germantown, WI. The phone number is 262-293-3098. Check their website at or “like” their Facebook page. @bestburgerwi

Wearing the WHRR / Gandrud T-shirts in Germany

Gene Pierre sent us a picture of him wearing our WHRR / Gandrud shirt. The cool thing is he lives in Germany. Some how these shirts are being worn all over the world.

We would love to see you wearing our shirt. Send us photo to

Thanks for the generous donation from Gandrud’s GM High Performance Parts Center.

This is limited supply and you can only get one where Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will be. Again, this is a limited supply and there are no guarantees if you can get one. And you must be present to get one.

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