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377: The Tale of Two Cities and their Car Shows

Show Date: 09/04/2021

(Season 15 EP 35)

This Week’s Topics:

  • Mayor Mike Neitzke and the Greenfield Car Show +
  • Bill Myer talking about this week’s Delafield Car show +
  • Chaz Hastings checks in from Big Boy Wisconsin +
  • Play along with our Decorder Ring contest +
  • More car show stuff – –

Mayor Mike Neitzke and the Greenfield Car Show.

First things first…Mike is a true car guy. Where he would drive his classic muscle to places like the original Solid Gold McDonalds and other cruise nights. He grew up in Greenfield Wisconsin when cruising hot rods was cool and working with back yard mechanics was the daily trade.

Fast forward to present day where is the popular Mayor of Greenfield. He has held that position for over 16 years. Before accepting this position, he served the 5th district for over 7 years. He continues to work with organizations that serve other cities and counties.

Mike decided to commit his resources to serving those memories of cruising and hanging out with car people. Over 5 years ago – he and the council of Greenfield – decided to host a car show. The location was held in a refreshed park that serves music lovers, farmers markets, amusement rides and car shows.  

In addition, to hosting the car show there will be two dedications held during the event. There will be an honor dedication to those who lost their lives in the September 11th attack in New York City.

Then there will be a special memorial award to honor Jim Patterson who was the owner the famous Solid Gold McDonalds. This restaurant was the go-to-place to hang out with your car and music lovers. Before there was a “Hard Rock Café” there was Solid Gold.

We are going to get Mike into the WHRR studio and have him talk about his commitment to his lifelong community he loves.

Event details:

City of Greenfield 5th Annual Car Show
Saturday, September 11, 2021

The AMP at Kondel Park, 5151 West Layton, Ave., Greenfield, Wisconsin

Special appearance and music by Captn’ Bob and Arlo from Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio.

Click here for more details…

Bill Myer talking about this week’s Delafield Car show

The location and the great people who live there make this show a must see destination.

Located in the small downtown of Delafield, Wisconsin which is located in the middle of Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Wales and Nashotah communities. The streets, where the cars will be parked, are lined with small shops and restaurants. The atmosphere is both relaxing and friendly.

The Delafield Lions Club has been involved for 3 years as they serve individuals with special needs and health requirements. To continue their “Works”, they must have funds necessary to carry on their missions. To replenish those funds they are asking the community to support their fundraising events like the Delafield Car Show.

Bill will sharing information about this show and what you can expect when you are there.

Event details:

Delafield Car Show

Sunday, September 5, 2021
Downtown Delafield, Wisconsin

Special appearance and music by Captn’ Bob and Arlo from Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio.

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Cruise Nights at Big Boy Wisconsin

Chaz Hastings will be checking in to tell us Big Boy news and happenings.

Stop in the restaurant to see all the Big Boy memorable items throughout the dining room. Mark your calendar for every Wednesday for their car show – weather permitting. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate it’s still a great hangout for you and your club.

Wisconsin Big Boy is located at N116W15841 Main Street, Germantown, WI. The phone number is 262-293-3098. Check their website at or “like” their Facebook page. @bestburgerwi

Listen and see if you can crack the WHRR message!

How would you like to decode a special message from Captn’ Bob and Arlo? Have fun cracking the code and you could win a $25 gift card from Wisconsin Harley Davidson in Oconomowoc. Tune into the show and listen carefully. It would be helpful to have a piece of paper and a pencil because Captn’ Bob and will read off the numbers. Once you have the numbers you can use the decorder below to figure out the message.

Bring your decoded message to this Sunday’s Delafield Car Show where Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will be spinning the tunes.

Here is the WHRR Decorder if you just want to play along.

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