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322: SCAM ALERT – Toll booths claiming non payment.

Show Date: 08/15/2020

(Season 14 EP 33)

This week’s show topics will be:

SCAM ALERT for any car owner.
People are claiming to be a representative of the Texas Department of Transportation and they are demanding money for passing through one of their tolls without paying. Somehow they have his Wisconsin plates from his T-bucket passing through Texas. The listener, of our show, sent us the details on what happened next.

A few things from our WHRR Inbox.
Reading a few letters from our listeners regarding our last week’s topic on wearing masks.
The show is labeled “Masks, Magazines, Models and Car Shows from August 8th, 2020. The subtitle was called “When is wearing a mask cool?”

Mark Taylor is in a new band.
Many of you know Mark from the Flatheads band. They are a rock n roll band from Southern Wisconsin with a huge following. He will continue with the Flatheads while playing in a country rock band called Whiskey Angel. We might have room to play one of their songs.
You can hear our recent interview with Mark Taylor from July 25th, 2020, Drumming to a different beat.

Model of the Week.
Al Stout contributes this week’s model which is a 1/25th scale 1932 Ford Roadster.

1932 Ford Roadster, scale is 1/25th, and the Manufacturer is Revell/Monogram.  ENGINE: wired from AMT 1934 Ford, 2-2barrel carbs, Hi-compression heads and headers all from `34 Ford. Bee hive oil filter. AMT K-T exhaust system is scratch built.  Headlights are from AMT `32 Ford, taillights are from Revell-Monogram `32 Ford.  Tires are from `50 Chevy pick-up with painted white wheels.  Wheels and hub caps and beauty rings are from the parts box.  INTERIOR: Dash is from unknown source, steering wheel is 1940 Ford, the 8-ball shifter is scratch built.  Convertible top from AMT `32 Ford.  PAINT: The interior is Bob’s Red with dull coat.  Exterior is Flat Black.

Madison International Speedway is back open.
A few week’s ago we had Gregg McKarns talking about how you can help get his track back open. The Dane County Health Commission were delaying his request to be heard about reclassifying the track. He asked for help from our listeners and you came through.
Here is the podcast from July 11th, 2020. Gregg McKarns, Madison International Speedway.

Announcements will include the cancellation of Wisconsin’s Mississippi Mayhem show, SEMA and a few others.

Plus, we will try and sneak a few hot rod songs.

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