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323: Catching up with Bob Bennett

Show Date: 08/22/2020

(Season 14 EP 34)

This week’s show topics will include:

Catching up with Bob Bennett.
Bob has owned and operated Bennett Coachworks for over 30 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s been said he is Milwaukee’s mechanic. His shop is considered a working man’s hot rod shop even though they have produced high end Pebble Beach winners. He is always busy even when stricken with a life-threatening disease. So, we are going to catch up with him and find our how he is doing and what his shop is up to these days. See Bennett Coachworks for more information…

Recap the Prince of Peace car show.
With everyone cooped up because of public restrictions –   Captn’ Bob and Arlo wanted to stop by to see good friends and to help with the benefit. It turned out that over 200 cars showed up and they were able to raise over $4,000 for their charities.

Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance:
Recently, they sent out a notice about how several Wisconsin Legislators are working to bring clarification about the Wisconsin State Patrol’s recent interpretations of vehicle equipment requirements. WSVA is dedicated to protecting our right to restore, modify and drive specialty vehicles. See WSVA for more information….

Young Gun applicant:
We have a young man who is carrying on the car tradition for his grandpa. When he was 14 his grandpa had a 1976 Ford Thunderbird. Hear this great story. Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio has been awarding trophies and cash for many years.  If you are – or know of someone – who is under 29 years old and is working on a ride, contact us at We want to hear your story.

Model of the Week:
We have several really cool models to talk about. Rich has been a great contributor to our show. He brings 34 Ford “Bad Gas” gasser model. Then we will talk about Butch’s slot cars. Primarily midgets and sprint cars with non-kit-built bars and modifications.

Richie’s Photo Album:
He recently added shows like the Prince of Peace, Symco Hot Rod Kustom Weekender, Slinger Brat Fry and Speedway, Seven Seas Restaurant. See all of Richie’s Albums….

CAR SHOWS! Weekend events that are happening or not!:
We will read off what shows are still going to happen and which ones are not. See WHRR events for all the up to date details before you head out…

Plus, we will spin a few tunes if time permits

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