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291: Greg’s Speed Shop

Show Date: 01/11/2020

(Season 14 EP 2)

We had a conversation with Greg and Leah Stelse about their speed shop located in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

If you haven’t heard of Greg’s Speed Shop – you will. Since 2018 they have been in automotive magazines and invited to participate in local and national events.

Greg and Leah decided to build a brand new automotive experience using their years of building cars, motorcycles and involvement with events. Each have their own specialty. Greg has been racing for years by building iconic drag cars. Leah is regarded as the go-to-gal for vintage clothing and pin-up style of living. In 2018 they decided to combine their interest and talents by constructing a really unique setting.

The setting for Greg’s Speed Shop includes a complete vintage clothing store surrounded by a 50’s style soda shop and a full scale Texaco and a movie theater front. This area is much like an automotive Disney setting. There is a fully equipped speed shop with a full staff to install any purchase. They have a qualify staff of fabricators, power-train specialist and body finishers. The entire shop is brand new with state of the art equipment. Including the newly installed GFS Ultra paint booth.

The business plan is to assist the average car guy. They felt there are plenty of shops that build high-end vehicles. They wanted a shop that serves the local hot rodders or classic car lovers. With responsible pricing and a no nonsense approach – their goal is to make new owners of a “driver” car or motorcycle. Greg knew to accomplish this he had to offer affordable “project” cars. So he starting buying older autos with a variety of conditions. From patina finishes needing plenty of mechanical work to fully completed rides that require a little TLC.

Greg and Leah have been sponsors of some of America’s best car events, examples include the Iola Car Show in Iola Wisconsin, which was voted in the 10 ten shows in the US. There is the Symco Weekender show which is considered the best vintage events in the nation.

In this interview Greg and Leah will share a little secret about an important discussion with a TV producer.

Greg’s Speed Shop
Waupaca, Wisconsin

Interview was conducted in the Gandrud Performance booth at the 2019 SEMA.


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