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290: Meeting up Ian Roussel from Full Custom Garage.

Show Date: 01/04/2020

(Season 14 EP 1)

Ian Roussel creates unique (sometime crazy) vehicles that we haven’t seen fabricated since Ed Roth, George Barris or Daryl Starbird.

He never shows any fear – even dissecting a VW body into 10 pieces. He completely explodes any vehicle apart and reassembles them beyond any recognition. It’s in the same spirit as Dr. Frankenstien. Don’t believe us. Watch any episode and you will see parts from the lifting ramp off a school bus being applied to lifting a body off a dune buggy. Then there was the time he took his own satellite disc and grafted on to the back of a bubble top. Later we see it was to house a radiator contraption. Once he removed the body from a fairly new expensive Porche and built a completely super car body.

This interview was conducted at SEMA 2019 in the Gandrud High Performance booth.

We talked about his first time having a car in the SEMA show. He brought the bubble top Space Junkie 2. He asked kustom kar artist Johnny Jalopy to draw up ideas. Throughout the 3 part Full Custom Garage episodes we see Johnny and friends assist Ian in completing the most outrages build seen.

There was a discussion about his process of designing a build. How he developed his skills in fabrication and engineering.

Ian is one of the coolest cats you will ever met. He is a humble guy that always acknowledges those who inspired him and continues to give credit to everyone else.

You soon find out that Ian Roussel is the Picasso of the modern day builders.

Space Junkie 2 in collaboration with Johnny Jalopy
Space Junkie 2 with rear radiator configuration using a satellite disc.
Space Junkie 2 where it uses a motorcycle throttle and a push bar brake.

NOTE: The Space Junkie 2 will be auctioned off at the January 11-19, 2020 Barrett Jackson event. Check your local listing or subscribe to the Motor Trend channel. Read more about the auction…

Here a few more Ian Roussel builds…


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