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135: Ted Vernon, South Beach Classics + Colby Martin, SEMA SANS + A call to all car clubs in Wisconsin

Show Date: 03/04/2017

(Show Notes and Links at bottom of the page)


This week’s show we will be talking with Ted Vernon and his hit Velocity’s Channel South Beach Classics. Then we need to find out how the fight to keep our vehicles on the road by talking with Colby Martin of SEMA Action Network (SAN). Find out about the RPM act. And Paul Adamc will be in the studio for a special call to action for all clubs in Southeastern Wisconsin.


Ted Vernon

Ted Vernon’s Speciality Automobiles
South Beach Classics TV Show

The show is back with a brand new format and it’s season premiere was a huge hit. We see Ted more involved with auctions, swap meets and a new marketing plan.

Last summer Ted visited Wisconsin’s Delevan’s Times Cars Forgot car show. See Richie’s Photos

Colby Martin

SEMA Action Network

Colby belongs to an organization that fights for every car enthusiast. They work closely with Washington’s congressmen to make sure they understand how vehicles laws might impact on the classic car industry. In addition, they work with state and local governments in providing statistical information needed when making laws.

This past year the nation’s government has been trying to make into law – a bill that would prohibit converting a car into a race car – and then – converting it back to use on the roads. Click here a video of Colby explaining about this bill and how you can help. 

Putting a shout out to all car clubs in Southeastern Wisconsin


Paul Adamec will be in the studio talking about the annual Southeastern Wisconsin Car Club Meeting where they discuss who is doing what, when and where for car shows.

The meeting is open to everyone. For several years this meeting has been very successful in putting together a calendar of car shows, benefits and gatherings.

Captn’ Bob and Arlo will be there to listen and take notes to better serve the groups. For 10 years Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio has been supporting everything car club related.

Sunday, March 12th
12 noon to 3 pm
Knights of Columbus
732 Badger Ave., South Milwaukee, WI

Click here for more information including Google Map. 


Podcast Notes and Links:

In the studio – Paul Adamec from the Southeastern Wisconsin Car Club Meeting, March 12. It is the people who run the car clubs in the area to help them work together and help them find dates for their shows without running over each other.


Looking forward to our 10 year anniversary party, more info here –

This just in, the Midwest Scale Drag Racing Association – and the Auto Modelers Group – will be joining us at our birthday bash!


Ted Vernon from South Beach Classics –

Ted loved visiting us last summer, hopefully he’ll be back soon. We discussed the new show and Lucy who is helping the dealership marketing and other recent events. Ted becoming a grand-father. Of interest, another network has approached Ted on a new show deal. Currently the working title is Male Chauvinist Ted.


Colby Martin from SEMA/SEMASAN calls in to discuss the RPM Act, the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act. Last year the act was all set to pass both houses but they ran out of time due to the election so SEMA is working to get this passed in 2017. This is all due to the EPA working on a regulation that had a paragraph stating that it would be illegal to convert a street car into a racecar. The RPM Act will aid in letting the EPA know that they cannot control vehicles that are converted for racing which is actually a not-street-legal area which should fall outside of government control.

Please fill out –

Here is our last article with more info including a video of Colby talking about it –