RPM Act – We are starting over…

We need to contact our law-makers again as the RPM Act did not make it all the way through last year. Please click on the link and help us save auto racing and possibly modifying any and all  vehicles in the future.

SEMA Action Network page to send note to your Senator and Representative

Here is the background. Last year the EPA decided to say that modifying cars for racing was illegal. They were making grumblings that would stop any vehicles from being modified to be on the race track. The fear hit the whole automotive aftermarket industry as it could have been a stepping stone to eliminating any modifications to any cars.

The RPM (Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports) act was put together last year to protect our rights to modify vehicles in to race cars.

You can read more in our 3 articles following this last year:

EPA Trying to outlaw Race Cars! Will they be coming for your hot rod next?

RPM Act versus the EPA

EPA is backing down on Race Car ban for now

You can see in the last article that we were almost there but the law makers ran out of time to cement this in and protect our future racing (and possibly hot rodding endeavors. Let’s make sure it sticks this time.

The boys also interviewed Colby Martin, Director of SEMA Action Network (SAN) back in May of 2016 and you can listen to that show here or read up on Colby here (and see a pic of his excellent Model A coupe.

Colby and SEMA also put together a little video to help explain what is going on –

So, please, please head on over to SEMA Action Network page to send note to your Senator and Representative!!!!!

Thank you

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