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134: Kevin Flood, from the U. K. and his Car / Truck / Americana Obsession

Show Date: 02/25/2017

(Show Notes and Links at bottom of the page)


Kevin Flood, Car / Truck / Americana Obsession from the U.K.

He says he has been involved in and around cars most of my life having gone straight into the motor trade via an apprenticeship at a Ford dealer and ending up working for the largest car leasing company in the world.

Kevin approached Captn’ Bob and Arlo when he heard the interview of Daniel from Switzerland. Kevin living in the U. K. – and through the U. K. wanting to leave the European Union – has a lot to talk about regarding importing, modifying and using classic cars here in the UK, along with the club and show scene.

Here are just a few topics we are going to talk about on the show: Importing historic cars into the UK (import duty and other taxes, building cars (IVA & SVA regulations), MOT (inspection & testing requirements for classics and hot rods), road tax, classic car insurance, show scene, club scene and the graying of the hobby.

He imported a 1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe and has been working on restoring the car along with a few mods. It makes sense that he purchased this car because he has been researching the life and times of Henry Ford. And has been interview numerous times about Ford.

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Podcast Notes and Links:

The boys are hanging out at the Milwaukee World of Wheels show – stop by to see the new planner/calendar and Arlo’s new poster. They also had a blast last weekend at the MaMa Tried Show – – we’ll have Richie photos up soon!

Kevin Flood from the UK called in to let us know what is going on with importing, registering and licensing old vehicles in his neck of the woods.
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Drag racing on the sand at Pendine Sands –
Hill Climbs with the Bugatti Owners Club –
National Street Rod Association UK –
Rally of the Giants –
GoodWood Revival –