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131: Chris Hahn, Radio host of Southern Illinois Car News

Show Date: 02/04/2017

(Show Notes and Links at bottom of the page)

Chris Hahn, Radio host of Southern Illinois Car News

Chris Hahn has a radio show in the Southern Illinois are that covers 5 states. It’s called Southern Illinois Car News and it airs at two different times on two different stations. Fridays at 9 am on WEBQ 102.3 FM and Saturday mornings at 9 on WGGH AM1150.

He has always been a car guy, “My first project was my Dad’s 48 Ford at the age of 7, climbing over the hood I could fit in the engine bay and try to fix that flathead.” He is looking for another 48 Ford.

He likes to say about his age is that the Edsel arrived on the scene the same year he was born. So we have to do the math.

Check out SICN – Southern Illinois Car News webpage. And check out his Facebook page SI Car news.

It’s always great fun talking with a radio head – car nut.


Podcast Notes and Links:

Chris Hahn from the Southern Illinois Car News

Chris Hahn from Southern Illinois (so far south he is almost in Kentucky). Chris hosts the Southern Illinois Car News Car Show on Fridays 9am-9:30 on WEBQ FM and Saturdays 9-10 on WGGH AM.

He has local people and car stars on his show to discuss cars and stuff. In the past Chris has spoken with Darryl Starbird and has been to Darryl’s house twice for the National Custom Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony rubbing elbows with Troy Ladd, Bill Hinz, Magoo and Jimmy Vaughn.

Big stars who also are into cars are in general nice people. Chris’s first interview was with the infamous Norm Grabowski.

Chris supports the car clubs in his area by speaking with them and promoting their shows. In Octobers Chris hosts a Squads and Rods show to raise money to help the kids in his area.

Chris loves cruising around in his 1967 Plymouth Fury Illinois State Police Car clone although it is currently in for repairs. Pretty funny that driving down the road today in that old squad car people are nervous about passing him.

S I Car News the radio show on Facebook

He is also working on an S I Car News food additive and video game.

Other news on this show –

  • Mike and Jim from Ring Brothers will be on the Battle of the Builders on Velocity. This is a show about the SEMA Battle of the Builders.
  • A friend of ours Brian Jaeger’s Underdog Dragster will be on the cover of the April Hot Rod Magazine.
  • Calypso Lemonade (one of our sponsors) will be donating a portion of their sales in Wisconsin back to Wisconsin Make a Wish foundation.