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Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio Show and Podcast

15: Danny the Count Koker from Counting Cars

Danny “The Count” Koker is a kool dude from Vegas that has a hit TV show on the History Channel.  Join Captn Bob and Arlo as they find out where the name the “Count” came from. The interview begins at 15:27 Visit and their Facebook page


14: Phillipe of France on building French Hot Rods

Phillip – Hot rodder from France built a hot rod even though it’s illegal to drive them in his country of France. The interview begins at 16:40 No links for Phillipe but here is PowerGlide Magazine from France’s Facebook 


13: Edsel B Ford II

While Captn Bob and Arlo were at the EAA Fly In, they were able to interview Edsel B Ford II – yup, the Edsel B Ford the second! The interview starts at 15:15 I could not find his Facebook page so here is a link to his company –


12: Stacey David

Stacey David chats with Captn Bob and Arlo. The interview starts at 13:45 Visit Stacey David’s Gearz website Stacey also has a Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube Channel


11: Faith Granger of Deuce of Spades

Faith Granger is one of the koolest ladies ever! She wrote, directed, produced, scored, edited and everything else an awesome movie – The Deuce of Spades! The interview begins at 7:50 Check out the movie website – She also has a Facebook page as she travels around promoting her film. Here is the trailer for…


10: Jimmy Shine

Captn Bob and Arlo interview Jimmy Shine about his show Car Warriors on SPEED Channel. The interview begins at 19:15 Check out Jimmy’s new website –


9: Henry Winkler “The Fonz”

Actor, director, comedian, producer, author and child literacy advocate Henry Winkler talks to Captn Bob and Arlo about his experiences in Milwaukee. The very brief interview begins at 2:40 Henry Winkler on Twitter


7: McKeel Hagerty

McKeel Hagerty of Hagerty Insurance discusses Classic Cars and the Laws. The interview begins at 14:30 The Hagerty Insurance website –


5: Stacey David of Gearz TV Show

The interview with Stacey David at 15:40 Stacey David of Gearz TV joins Captn Bob and Arlo to discuss the state of the aftermarket automotive world. Visit Stacey David’s Gearz website Stacey also has a Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube Channel


4: Linda Vaughn – need I say more?

The very short interview with Linda Vaughn begins at 6:20 Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst Shifter, still has what it takes to proudly hold onto the shifter at any drag race! Join us as the boys interview the lovely lady! Follow Miss Linda Vaughn on her Facebook page!


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Some Highlights

Troy Trepanier - winner 2017 SEMA
Ring Brothers - Mike and Jim
Joe Martin - Iron Resurrection
Ted Vernon - South Beach Classics
Dave Kindig - Bitchn' Rides
James Wheary - Nash
Ralph Holguin, RMD Garage
Bob Bennett - Bennett Coachworks
Bob Ashton - Muscle Car and Corvette
Wayne Carini - Chasing Classic Cars
Karen Salvaggio - Car Girl Extraordinary
Steve Darnell - Vegas Rat Rods
Noah Alexander - Speed is the New Black
Mark Worman - Grave Yard Carz
Johnathon Klinger - Haggerty
Kevin Flood - UK
Jo Coddington - American Hot Rod
KC Mathieu - KC's Paint Shop
Jay Leno - Jay's Garage
John Force
Darryl Starbird - Custom Builder
Donald Osborne
Colin Comer
Jason Wilson - Douche Larouche Motorcycle Club
Jimmy Shine
Gary Klutt - Legendary Motorcar Company
John "Gunner" Gunnell - Author
Gary Esse - Swap Meets
Colby Martin SEMA - SANS
Stacey David - GEARZ
Chip Foose
Jose Fuentes, Imports
Jeff Johnson - AlStar
Darryl Stuermer - Genesis
Dan Short - Fantom Works
Jessi Combs
Cary Brobeck - Easy Rider
Dave Frieburger - Road Kill
Barry Mequiar
Adam Genei - Mobsteel
John Kraman - Mecum Auctions
Rick Dore - Custom Builder
Tommy Christmas - Fat n Furious
Dennis Pittsenbarger
Slick - Highway to Hell
Aaron Kaufman - Fast n Loud
Chuck Palumbo
Lou Santiago - Car Fix
Richard Rawlings - Fast n Loud
Don Prudhomme
Tom McEwen
Corky Coker
Gene Winfield - Custom Builder
TV Tommy IVO
Danny Koker - Counting Cars
Edsel B Ford
Faith Granger
Henry Winkler
Linda Vaughn
Big Daddy Don Garlits

A visit to Cuba
Traffic intersection cameras
World of Wheels
Muscle Car and Corvettes
History of Nash
Elements of a Stance
Storing your classic
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Mobil Tire Repair
Yellowstone Trail
Car Shows, Car Shows, Car Shows
Coach building
Harley Davidson Museum
Ma Ma Tried Motorcycle Show
Great Lakes Dragaway
Blessing your vehicle
Largest Swap Meet in the Midwest
6 or 12 volt - positive or negative ground?
A visit from Jay Leno in Wisconsin Dells
Guardians of Children Belle City Chapter
Bikers Against Child Abuse
UK motoring laws
Southern Illinois car shows
The wreck of the Hemi Under Glass
Cars from a Women's Perspective
History of Car Clubs
SEMA Action Network
Music with the Cowsills