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151: Jose Fuentes, Import Enthusiasts Ekwel Car Club

Show Date: 06/24/2017

Guest: Jose Fuentes, Ekwel

Jose Fuentes

We have invited Jose to talk about his passion for anything related to autos. He is a co-founder of Ekwel (pronounced Equal) Car Club. Along with his cousin and co-founder Emmanuel Garcia they belong to a bunch of young hot rodders that travel a different path then their older compadres.

Jose’s cool ride

Speed and style is just as important to them as many car lovers. The difference is they prefer to build imports and those that are inspired by imports. They are the new technicians of horse power and are the hardest working fabricators around.

This generation is building their own memories by building cool rides, hanging out wherever they can find a friendly parking lot and cruising to their own music. That’s what a generation did in the 50’s and 60’s. They bring auto diversity that includes vintage, muscle and luxury vehicles.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio staff wants to show their appreciation and support for the newest generation of hot rodders.

See recent article by Christopher Stratman about similar trends in the auto culture.

Check out Ekwel facebook