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150: Amy Fitzgerald in Washington D.C. & Jo Coddington Iola contest

Show Date: 06/17/2017

Guests: Jo Coddington is announcing her Iola Contest and Amy Fitzgerald represented RPM in Washington, DC

Jo Coddington

Jo Coddington is announcing an exciting contest where someone could win spending time with Jo at this year’s Iola Swap and Car Show. She will be your guide throughout the event and personally introduce you to her friends and celebrities Big Daddy Don Garlits, Courtney Hansen, Dave Kindig and Kevin Schiele (Kev dog).

Jo participating at the Moon Shine Run in Australia

Jo Coddington is involved with everything automotive. Her popular TV show “American Hot Rod” (still airing past shows) along with her late husband Boyd created amazing vehicles. She travels the globe representing the automotive industry.

Listen to the show to hear how you can enter to win the Jo Coddington Iola Contest which will start June 18th. And continue to watch Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s Facebook and Instagram for more details.


Amy Fitzgerald

Cool Hand Customs
SEMA member

Amy is involved with SEMA’s Automotive Restoration Market Organization and serves on the “Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports” (RPM) act.

Recently, Amy – and others – went to Washington, DC to represent SEMA’s position on the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Air Act decision to enforce emissions-related parts installed on motor vehicles converted for racing.

The EPA did exempt purpose-built race vehicles (NASCAR, Formula One, Sprint Cars, etc.). However, the issue SEMA argues is that the EPA needs to clarify the language of its authority over modifying street vehicles into dedicated race cars. Which at this point doesn’t allow modifications.

Our discussion with Amy will be to share her insights from the meetings with members of Congress and our resident Wisconsin Senators.

Amy is co-owner of Cool Hand Customs located in Middleton, WI. Her husband EJ is a master fabricator and mechanic where he creates unique vehicles. This includes 3 dimensional sculptures for cycle gas tanks and body shells. His award winning painting and airbrushing has been recognized by international professionals.

She has served on a national Warrior Project build – “The Valkyrie” – alongside with the industry leaders.

Amy and SEMA need your help. The more people that sign up and voice their support of the RPM act will have a big impact on the results.  Go to SEMA and follow instructions.