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227: IGNITED WE STAND! Fight Unfair Automotive Laws

Show Date: 10/20/2018

Guest: Coby Martin, Director of SEMA Action Network.

You want to save the Bonneville Salt Flats, protect your motorized vehicles from being banned, save your rights to modify street cars and motorcycles and dedicate a national holiday for hot rodders.

Then you must join the free membership of SEMA Action Network. For over 20 years S.A.N.S has united vehicle clubs, enthusiast and members of the specialty auto parts industry as s political voice for the hobby.

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is a nationwide partnership between vehicle clubs, enthusiasts and members of the specialty auto parts industry who want to protect their hobby. Founded in 1997, the SAN was designed to help stamp out legislative threats to the automotive hobby and pass favorable laws. The SAN regularly:

– Rallies the support of 3,000-plus car clubs, thousands of individual contacts, and 100-plus publications, with an estimated reach of 36 million enthusiasts nationwide, amplifying SEMA’s political voice on issues affecting the specialty equipment auto parts industry.

– Sends out action alerts to generate an abundance of responses to state and/or federal legislative actions and regulatory proposals.

– Issues timely updates of legislative and regulatory developments.

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