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226: Chris Tribbey Did It!

Show Date: 10/13/2018

Guests: Chris Tribbey who crossed the country on a 1911 Excelsior motorcycle and Bill Rodencal who has done the Motorcycle Cannonball  run twice.

We’ve had both in the studio talking about their adventures on the back roads of America. The Motorcycle Cannonball is the most difficult antique endurance run in the world. That is an undisputed fact. As the route is being finalized for the September 2018 run from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, the roster was full. There is a waiting list of hopefuls and riders are carefully preparing their machines for what guarantees to be an experience of life long memories. Thrill-seeking daredevils will jockey their antiques along the roads of adventure and brotherhood once again.

We wanted to “debrief” Chris about his journey. So he will be in the studio sharing his experience of being hunched over a 1911 vehicle for almost a month. Each day starting out in a different town and with a different route.

Chris Tribbey (L) near the end of the Motorcycle Cannonball run.

Bill will help us understand the pressures Chris was going through along the route. Where Chris was literally alone because the rules forbid anyone shadowing him or giving assistance while he was on the road.  Bill knows the loneliness of the road riding vintage two wheel motorcycles. He will tell that it made him a better curator for the Harley Davidson Museum. Where he is the Archives Lead of Museum Collections. You can hear his previous interview on August 25th, 2018.  

Bill Rodencal

Join in hearing his fantastic story.

For a little audience preparation listen to what Chris had to say before he hit the road. In an interview we did with him on June 2nd, 2018. Then listen this Saturday to hear if his preparation and expectations were met.