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116: Double Headliner Show: Easyriders Magazine Editor Cary Brobeck + KC Mathieu “Fast n Loud”

Show Date: 10/22/2016


Cary Brobeck

Editor with Wrench and Easyriders Magazines.

The magazine Easyriders has been around since the early 70’s. Long been established it’s THE motorcycle magazine anything related to custom built choppers and nude women sitting on a chopper.

Cary Brobeck came on board in 2009. Being one of the youngest bikers at Easyriders he quickly had to prove that he could maintain the biker style roots that made the magazine popular to so many young kids dreaming of hitting the road on two wheels.

In addition to his duties – the parent publisher Paisano Publications gave Cary the role of Editor of Wrench Magazine. Wrench accompanies Easyrider by looking back on older chopper bikes and lifestyles


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KC Mathieu

KC will be sharing what he has been working on for the SEMA show. He will have two custom vehicles in this year’s show.


KC – formally of Discovery’s Fast n Loud – went back to his roots of a master body fabricator, painter, artist, speed nut and a massive addiction to horse power. Since leaving the show he has expanded to body shop and opened a speed shop. He wanted to be with his family more so he set up shop in his backyard. Instead of the grinding one-hour trip to Gas Monkey Garage, working long hours, only to retrace his long trip back home.

We understand that he is preparing to unveil two creations that will showcase his many skills. We wonder if setting his own build schedule was any-less stressful.