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117: Robert Cowsill, “The Cowsills” + Joe Konrad, Schauer Arts & Activities Center

Show Date: 10/29/2016


Who were the Cowsills?

You loved to hear their songs in the 60’s, but many of you probably thought it was the Osmond Family or worse yet you thought it was the fictional TV family called the Partridges.

In 1967 the Cowsills earned a number 2 spot on the US music charts with their song “The Rain, The Park and Other Things”. The following year they made it to number 1 with their song “Indian Lake”. Cowsills Wikipedia

Then they accomplished something that – at the time – was unheard of, they produced a song called “Hair”. This song was included in the popular Broadway hit of the same name “Hair”.  It made it cool to have long beautiful hair for women and men. The entire song was about hippies and the psychedelic times. The Cowsills where no long a bubble gum or Beatles band. They appeared, many times, on national TV shows including American Band Stand. They even appeared on the Johnny Cash Show. (Yep there was one)



Robert Cowsill was part the original four brothers whom formed the band. Later, their mom joined the group and shortly after their little sister.

The Cowsill’s still tour together even though several family members are deceased.

We will be talking with Robert about his amazing musical career and his recent trip to Wisconsin.

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Joe Konrad

Executive Director for the Schauer Arts and Activities Center in Hartford Wisconsin

The Schauer Arts and Activities Center is vibrant complex that hosts famous music acts like the Cowsills and events like the “Ricky Nelson Remembered” – which will be performed by Ricky’s two sons – at the center on Saturday, October 29th. Listen to the WHRR interview with Gunner Nelson about his dad, his band “Nelson’s”, his love of cars and their upcoming event at the Schauer Center.


The Center continues to develop, support and promote the arts. Included in the design of the Center is a beautiful fully functional theater. Each seat in the house has a perfect view of the performances on their intimate stage.

Performances include a Western Jazz Quartet, O Sole Trio from Pavarotti to Pop, Rick Nelson Remembered, swing bands, comedy, storytelling and more.  See website for more event details.