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99: Jason Herheim, Real World Speed Street Motorcycle Skills program + Dana Bertling, Rumble by the River Car Show

Show Date: 06/25/2016

Jason Herheim, Motovid – Real World Speed Street Motorcycle Skills Program

Other required motorcycle course offer great experiences. Usually they teach the new rider on a flat parking surface with modest speeds. Mimicking the topical city streets at average speeds.


However, learning to handling a powerful street bike on highways, curved country roads and changing weather conditions was left up to the individual rider. Sort of a “trial by fire” approach.

Jason and others decided there was a gap in motorcycle training. They created a course covering braking at highway speeds and taking evasive action. Each lesson includes vision and perceptions on the road, handling a corner at variable speeds and how someone riding on the back the bike can affect the bikes handling. The classes are held at places like Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Road America and Milwaukee Mile race course.


The course includes classroom sessions and real world track time. The Motovid team includes 1 instructor for every three riders with a safety personnel monitoring all the drills.

Even experienced riders have found that taking Motovid’s classes will sharpen their own riding skills.  MotoVid-Logo-2012

Jason is also the Motorcycle Safety Program Director at Madison College (formerly Madison Area Technical College).

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Dana Bertling, Big Bend Rumble by the River Classic Car Show


The car show on Friday night kicks off the popular weekend of Truck and Tractor Pulls. The show is located along the beautiful Rock River with fresh grass and mature trees.  Click here for full details along with directions. Full all the information about the weekend click here.