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100: Meltdown Drags Vintage Drag Racing

Show Date: 07/02/2016


So several years ago a bunch of kids who loved drag racing decided it would be cool to reenact what they thought the drag scene was like back in the early 60’s. When Gasser’s and front engine dragster ruled. Where real hot rodding guys built with machine tools, junk yard parts and shade tree engineering.

In 2009 they connected with another kid who happened to love the old days. And who happened to own a drag strip. That’s when things really started clicking. In the past 7 years the Meltdown Drags has become a major destination for many coming from all over the world to race and see what it was like in the 60’s.

For more information check out the official Meltdown Drags website.

Click here to see several videos of the Meltdown Drags