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389: Eric Koopmeiners – Meltdown Drags Association.

Show Date: 11/27/2021

(Season 15 EP 47)

This Week’s Topics:

  • Eric Koopmeiners – Cofounder of the Meltdown Drags Association +
  • Chaz Hastings with Wisconsin Big Boy +
  • A chance to WIN James Taylor Milwaukee’s concert tickets-

Eric Koopmeiners – Cofounder of the Meltdown Drags Association

Recently, the along waited return of the Meltdown Vintage Drags was canceled. There has been much speculation about why the association decided to stop this show.

Especially, when the group announced, last year, that they were bringing it back in 2022 after a 3-year hiatus.

We decided to have Eric in the studio to explain why and what caused this dramatic change of course.

Brief history: A bunch of guys had an idea to host a day at the drags honoring those old drag cars. The cars that were stored way back in the corner and long forgotten. Many of the guys weren’t old enough to drive them but saw them through the fenced off strip, reading about them in magazines and hearing stories from their dads and uncles.

Many of the cars needed a lot of work to make the trip down the strip. For them it wasn’t about being the fastest. The guys would be happy to see it make one run. Well, the day finished with each relic made a couple of runs. The group pledged that they would come back each year with new barn finds and vintage drag cars.

That next year others wanted to join the group and bring their rides to run down the strip. To accommodate everyone, they added another day and additional staging lanes. In the final show they had over 800 cars, 18 staging lanes, 20 thousand fans, celebrity visits over a 3-day weekend.

The Meltdown crew quickly became exhausted trying to accept everyone and keep up with the demands of running a show this size. That’s when it was decided to take a break and come back a year later. That never happened. Then the association announced it was coming back. So, it was thought. So, what happened? That’s why Eric will be speaking on behalf of the Meltdown Drags Association.

Chaz Hastings checks in from Wisconsin Big Boy Restaurant.

Cool Chaz is calling in the give us the latest on his Wisconsin Big Boy Restaurant. Just because our summer of driving our rides is coming to a chilly end, won’t keep the Big Boy team from hosting cool events. Every Saturday night from 9 pm to midnight is “Big Boy After Dark” event.

It’s just the coooooolest place to hang out at. Enjoy the largest collection of Big Boy statues and memorabilia. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, supper or a snack – you gotta stop in.

Their contribution, to providing car and motorcycle experiences, goes beyond the walls of the restaurant. Wisconsin Big Boy is a proud sponsor of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio because of their passion for car and cycle enthusiasts. They believe in keeping everyone connected and WHRR has a long tradition of doing just that.

Click here for Wisconsin Big Boy Restaurant information…

A Chance to WIN James Taylor concert tickets!

Listen to find out how you could win a pair of tickets to the James Taylor concert in Milwaukee, WI on December 2nd, 2021.

His special guest will be Jackson Brown.

1 pair of tickets are compliments of FonzFM radio station. Milwaukee’s Pop, Soul and Rock n Roll. Also the home of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio.

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