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372: Gandrud Car Show and Benefit.

Show Date: 07/31/2021

(Season 15 EP 30)

This Week’s Topics:

  • Gandrud car show benefiting food pantry +
  • E-Crate engines from GM +
  • EPA armed agents raids car chops +
  • Parted Out? The future of car components in an EV world +
  • New Decoder message from Captn’ Bob and Arlo.

Gandrud car show benefiting food pantry.

You could win a brand new 290HP 350 engine – valued at $4,500 bucks with chrome front cover, valve covers and air cleaner. This value can be applied to other Gandrud offers. With each entry you will receive a raffle ticket.

The entry into this show will be a bag of non-perishable food donation to Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In addition, to the raffle ticket you will receive a dash plague and a commemorative T-Shirt.

We will be talking with Chris Slack, from Gandrud’s High Performance Parts, who is the manager and organizer of this event.

This event is very popular with vehicles traveling from all over the state and the UP. The dealership opens up a large lot and utilizes the (block off) street to host the show. There is plenty of food.

Captn’ Bob and Arlo, from Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio, will be spinning tunes, offering cool give-a-ways, select a young gun and more.

There will be 7 trophies awarded in the Best of Show, Best GM, Best Mopar, Best Ford, Best Import, Gandrud Employees Choice and Participant’s Choice.  

Click here for more event details including map location…

E-Crate engines from GM.

While we have Chris Slack on the show, we want to ask him about the GM rumors that they will be offering an Electric Crate Motor for swapping out your gas power engine. This can be implemented in your cool hot rod, truck or muscle car.

And how is Gandrud going to service Electric Vehicles? Which would include stocking the parts necessary to repair these vehicles.  

We know Chris will have several opinions because he has guided his department to become the number 2 GM parts supplier in the county and a major world supplier.

EPA armed agents raids car shops.

Dateline: Monday, July26, 2021 – Yahoo!News – Washington Examiner – made aware by the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) armed agents’ raids on car shops would be curtailed under Hill proposal.

Excerpt from article:

So were the EPA agents, who cornered his father. The elder Mr. Lund calmly got out of his car to be patted down by an armed EPA agent wearing soft armor.

“It was 12 armed federal agents, and they had little EPA badges on and everything. I come in about 10 minutes later, and there was one agent out there,” Lund said. “He walked me in, and they had a search warrant for conspiracy to sell defeat devices. They basically went around the building, and they did forensics — physical forensics, digital forensics on the laptops, and we were compliant.”

Click here to read for full article…

Parted Out? The future of car components in an EV world.

Dateline: July 7, 2021 – Hagerty Media – made aware by the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance.

Excerpt from article:

Barely a month goes by that some automaker doesn’t announce that their future lies in electric vehicles. Last week, Renault said that more than 90 percent of its production would be electric by 2030, joining a growing list of auto brands that have committed to abandoning fuel burners for full electrification before the decade is out. Auto suppliers, the companies that produce the belts and hoses and water pumps and spark plugs that make engines run, are furrowing their collective brows, wondering whether there is a future for an industry that has been around for more than a century. As a car enthusiast, it’s hard not to feel like a dinosaur as it watched the meteor blaze across the sky.

Click here to read for full article…

New Decoder

Decode a Message.

How would you like to decode a special message from Captn’ Bob and Arlo? This really isn’t for winning anything – just to have fun. Tune into the show and listen carefully. It would be helpful to have a piece of paper and a pencil because Captn’ Bob and will read off the numbers. Once you have the numbers you can use the decorder below to figure out the message.

Bring your decoded message to this week’s Elm Grove Car Show where Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will be spinning the tunes. You could win something if you decode the message. The prizes will vary with each message.

Here is the WHRR Decorder if you just want to play along.

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