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365: Out-A-Sight Drags and Big Boy is making a come back.

Show Date: 06/12/2021

(Season 15 EP 24)

This Week’s Topics for Saturday, June 12th, 2021:

  • Out-A-Sight Vintage Drags and Car Show
  • The Big Boy Restaurant is back in Wisconsin
  • Get your secret message from Captn’ Bob and Arlo.
  • Busy car show weekend.

Out-A-Sight Vintage Drags and Car Show

Special guests Mark Davis, Brad Jancarik and John Reidenbach from Brew City Gassers.

The Brew City Gassers are a group that honors those that raced in the 50’s and 60’s with cars that were exciting and a little dangerous. When the drivers were true mechanics with a little bit of mad scientist rolled in. Their goal was to shave off another split second off their last run down the track. That would require different modifying the engine with homemade parts or parts from the legendary speed shops in the area. They would lighten the weight by stripping off anything that didn’t contribute to speed. They experimented with fuel mixtures, suspensions, tires and transmissions.

To add a little more excitement they would race another driver who was usually a good friend with a fast car. They would battle each other on the track but by the end of the day they would end up in the pits area sharing a beer and swapping secrets.

To belong to this unique group, you must have a vintage-like hot rod and the passion for drag racing.

The Brew City Gassers will be hosting their 3rd Annual Out-A-Sight Drags event. This is a pre-1967 vintage drags that attracts racers from around the world. They picked Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin, as the track, because it’s the “oldest continuously operating drag strip in America”.

This year there will be a Car Show on Saturday only. They are inviting hot rodders and classic car owners to the event. They will have a special area along the length of the track for them park their rides. It’s the best seats in the house to watch the drags from. Some of the proceeds from the admission will be going to support the Christmas with Vets.

Captn’ Bob and Arlo from Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will be hosting this area with plenty of background music, give-a-ways and chances to win a Brew City Gassers vintage trophy. These are trophies that have been refurbished from the early 60’s. In addition, Captn’ Bob and Arlo will award their special “Young Gun” award to any person 29 and younger with a cool ride.

Here are the event details:

Brew City Gassers present the 3rd Out-A-Sight Drags
Location: Great Lakes Dragaway, 18411 1st Street, Union Grove, WI 53182
Drag Racing Days: Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th, 2021 from 9 am and racing at noon. Swap meet both days.
Car Show will be held: Saturday, June 25th only from 9 am to 4 pm. For pre-76′ vehicles, music by Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio, vintage trophies, plus the WHRR Young Gun Award.

Facebook: Brew City Gassers

The Big Boy Restaurant is coming back to Wisconsin!

Who doesn’t remember cruising to the Big Boy in your hot rod to meet up with friends? There was a time after punching out from work, slapping on clean clothes and splashing on a little smelly stuff was a weekly ritual. Then one day the chains were given the order to close up by the suits in the corporate offices. It left a huge gap in cruise culture.

And now after being closed for 26 years two local Milwaukee guys convinced the new owners of the Big Boy headquarters to bring it back in Wisconsin.

We will be talking with Chaz Hastings about why Big Boy and why now. Along with Scott Carleton they are opening a Big Boy Restaurant in the Germantown area. If this location is successful they have plans to open more in the Milwaukee area.

According to reports this location will have a Big Boy museum along with their famous menu.

This is great timing because the Big Boy chains will be celebrating its 85th birthday. To honor the birthday day – Chaz and Scott will be hosting a huge party on Thursday, June 17th starting at 3 pm. You will be able to get a Big Boy double-decker burger for 85-cents. It will be held in the old Jerry’s Old Town Inn which will be site of the new restaurant opening mid-July.  The location is W15841 Main Street, Germantown, Wisconsin, 53002.

Starting our new WHRR Decoder Message.

How would you like to decode a special message from Captn’ Bob and Arlo? This really isn’t for winning anything – just to have fun.

Ok – we lied.

You could win something if you decode the message. The prizes will vary with each message. However, for a chance to win (limited number) you must present your message to Captn’ Bob and Arlo at the Out-A-Sight Drags on Saturday, June 26thClick here for full details….

Here is the WHRR Decorder if you just want to play along.

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