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334: Steve Magnante, Road Kill’s Junk Yard Gold.

Show Date: 11/07/2020

(Season 14 EP 44)

This week’s show topics will include:

Guest: Steve Magnante, Road Kill’s Junk Yard Gold on Motortrend and a Historian on the Barrett-Jackson Auctions.

See Steve’s website for more information…

There is so much material and only 30 minutes to get it all out.

His TV identity.

He is best known for his journey’s into automotive junk yards across America where he gives the viewers a reason to care about a neglected vehicle. Roadkill Junk Yard Gold will be going into its 4th season soon. However, if you are a fan of junk yards then you know Steve has been spelunking his way through them for some time now. You might call him the “Indiana Jones” of automobiles who is looking for lost treasures. The current junk yard show was given birth from his days in producing Junkyard Crawl.

His other TV identity can be traced as the resident historian on the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction seen several times a year on the MotorTrend channel. As each vehicle is driven up on stage you can see Steve hovering over it, sharing unknown or distinguishing facts, until the hammer comes down.

He has been involved, as a host and historian, with the DIY Network, the Outdoor Channel and the History Channel.

Author and Historian.

Steve has written several books, “How to Build Altered Wheelbase Cars”, “How to Build Your Own Altered Wheelbase Funny Car”, “1001 Corvette Facts”, “1001 Mustang Facts”, 1001 Muscle Car Facts”. He was editor of Chrysler Power magazine, writer for Mopar Action, Drag Racing Monthly, Popular Mechanics New Car Buyers Guide, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords and Scale Auto Enthusiast. Eventually, he ended up at Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines. See Amazon and other book sources….

Digital Media and Podcaster.

Recently, Steve launched the Steve Mag’s Muscle Car Show Podcast. This weekly show grabs chapters from his books and provides additional “author’s cut” comments. Not everything could fit into the confining binder of a book so Steve adds other facts from his notes. His notes include thousands of research papers, interview notes and the massive magazine and book collection.

Drag Racing and Builder.

Steve owns and builds gasser style dragsters. He races his 1963 Nova called Wilshire Shaker and his 1963 Dodge Dart called Rampage. However, the most unique build is his 1981 Ford Fairmont. See them all…

Scale Model Builder.

He takes a different approach to his passion for model building. The final stances of his 1/25 scale drag cars are hunched back on their wheels as to appear as if they are launching from the starting line. Some are posed with the two front wheels off the pavement or the “twisted frame – one wheel off the ground”. We are not sure if Steve will share his tricks.

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