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332: From Racing to Roofing.

Show Date: 10/24/2020

(Season 14 EP 42)

This week’s show topics will include:

Racing to Roofing

We will be talking with Brian Jaeger owner of Performance Roofing Systems about his strong need to rescue vintage race cars. Through the years he has been quietly acquiring historic stock cars and dragsters. Knocking the rust off, carefully pounding out the dents and making sure they can, once again, take on the track.

Brian has a connection to racing but we haven’t been able to hear the whole story because of his need for privacy and his humble nature. However, through our conversations at car shows and swap meets, we suspected there are great stories of racing the famous tracks in the Midwest and his relationships with other drivers.

We are excited to see if we can get a few of those stories told.

“Hey Vern! Know what a mean?”

Some of you will remember a red neck character named Ernest who started out in commercials about auto dealerships, the Mello Yellow drink and hardware stories. His real name is Jim Varney. No matter which product – Ernest would pop up on the screen with a comical grin with a squinty eye and shout “Hey Vern!”. The funny part was we never saw Vern. Recently we discovered Jim recorded the popular “Hot Rod Lincoln” song. Let’s see if we can sneak the song in. (Thanks to Jeremy Winters – That Painter Fella) To know more…

Richie just added East Troy Lions, B-Lazy Diner and Delafield Veterans Day photo albums.

Richie never misses a good car show and his photo album collection proves it. Check it out…

Running out of time to reserve your storage spot.

This is a shout out for those living in Southeastern portion of Wisconsin. You better have you spot reserved. We have hooked up with HRIBAR storage that offers heated and cold buildings to tuck your toys in. They are located in the Franksville, Wisconsin area. Which is a few minutes Southwest of Milwaukee.  See Google MAP. Call Bryan at 262-672-1967.

Our listeners lend a helping hand.

We received a few listener emails with helpful points on the topic of winter storage.

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