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331: Storage Tips and Tricks

Show Date: 10/17/2020

(Season 14 EP 41)

This week’s show topics will include:

Storage tips and tricks

You dudes and dudettes that live in the winter belts know that this time of year we are thinking of getting our rides ready for hibernation. (all others enjoy your warm weather… damn it) In some areas – like Wisconsin – that hibernation could last 6 months. Now, some car nuts have the ability to work on their ride throughout the winter because they have temperature-controlled garage.

However, there are many of us that don’t have that space so we have to find a place to tuck our rides. If you are fortunate enough you can find heated storage. Otherwise, most have to rely on cold storage. In the Midwest climate the car is subject to extreme temperature changes.

Things bring up our annual discussion about how to store your vehicle. Everyone car guy has a different opinion on to store their ride. Should the tank be empty or should it be full? Do you keep the tires on the ground or raise the car up on jack stands? How do we protect the battery for months being idle? How do we keep natures critters from using your interior for their own hibernation nest?

This discussion should you as a listener. If you have any ideas contact us at or call 414-215-9477.

By the way – for all you southern and west coast dwellers – you should listen because it will put a smile on your face.

Richie is posting plenty of car show photos.

If you want that warm feeling of a car show you were at or just want to know what the show was all about – should check out Richie’s extensive albums. Recently added is the East Troy Lions Car & Bike Show, Hales Corners Reunion, City of Greenfield’s 4 annual car show, Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame Car Show, Wisconsin Dells Automotion, Motormania Takes Over the Mile, and hundreds more.

Click here to see all albums.

It’s that time to think about storing your stuff for W!nt@r!

We have a suggestion for anyone looking to store their vehicles during the winter months. In fact, this place has enough room to store cars, boats, campers and more. It was described as big as a military base.

Check out Hribar Storage…

Car Events are up to date.

WHRR continues to keep their data base up to date by calling the promoters to assure the show is happening or not. This service has been provided since 2007.

Check out the WHRR Events Calendar…

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