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318: United Kingdom and Lannon Wisconsin Car Shows.

Show Date: 07/18/2020

(Season 14 EP 29)

Guests Keith Haddock with UK’s Khameleon Custom and Jan Schmidt with Lannon’s Cars On Main Show.

We will be asking Keith Haddock, better known as the Mad Professor, how the life of hotrodder is going in United Kingdom. What’s the car scene like now that the COVID pandemic is here.  Are they able to have car shows, cruise the streets and burn up a little rubber on the tracks?

Keith Haddock, Fabricator, Painter, Hot Rod Kid from the United Kingdom.

Keith is the best person to ask about the car scene because he spends a lot of time hanging out with the lads and their rides.  In his email correspondence he wrote that they are under strict COVID restrictions like that in the US. And it’s having a huge impact on their ability to host car shows or operate a drag racing show. Many shows have been canceled because of the restrictions. He goes on to say that recently the government pushed a tracking app onto their phones. This gives government officials the ability to monitor a person’s whereabouts and who you are with. So, they can see if a group is practicing social distancing or not. If officials see a blimp on their screens of a large group, they can send officials to break it up.

Something we have to ask Keith about is that he mentioned something called “Shopping” events. So naturally we are curious about that because he says it’s a way of gathering without actually gathering. We have no doubt that Keith, being an original blacktop rebel, has conjured something clever to circumvent the authorities.

Keith is proprietor of Khameleon Customs which offers full fabrication services and paint. He’s called the Mad Professor because he has the ability to mix up several automotive generations and makes of vehicles. Grafting older American tail lights onto a modern foreign car. He has been able to build within the strict vehicle rules by reshaping the vehicle’s body to conform. Yet, still giving it plenty of attitude and custom cues. His paint schemes are legendary from the development of real fire to capturing the light in multiple layers.  His talents have caught the eye of movie directors who continue to challenge him for block buster films like Star Wars and Mad Max.

It’s always interesting talking with our good friend from the UK.


 Jan Schmidt is involved in the Cars On Main show in Lannon Wisconsin. This is a show that continues to grow because the volunteers understand car and motorcycle enthusiast. The drivers are able to cruise back and forth on a wide street. There are plenty of parking areas that have access to a large – partially shaded – field that offers great food and cool refreshments. Throughout the day, music will be playing in all areas with everything from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s provided by Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s Captn’ Bob and Arlo.

We are going to ask Jan why the decision to continue having the show in the season of COVID. When so many have canceled or postponed them. We know this was a tough decision because of opposition from health departments and pandemic alarmist.

In the preliminary interview she mentions that they are taking extraordinary precautions to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.

These are trying times for car show promoters.

For more information about the show…

Cars On Main Car Show, Lannon, Wisconsin


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