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304: Two Topics: Aussie Car Show & Great Lakes Dragaway.

Show Date: 04/11/2020

(Season 14 EP 15)

When we booked these two guests, Gregg Knapp and Randy Henning, we had now idea how related they would be. When we did the pre-interviews they both were talking about cars racing down a track. The only difference was that one track was in Australia and the other in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Our first guest Gregg Knapp went down under to Australia on what he thought was just a nice trip with friends. He wasn’t happy about going but then found out the our mates down under were having a car show when he was scheduled to be there on a tour. It meant that he had to break away from the other tourist but when he saw tire smoke coming over the horizon – he knew that he was heading in the right direction. We know Gregg from his years in the Wisconsin Street Rod Association and the national Street Rod Association. He is one of the inspectors that go through street rods hoping to make them road worthy. He will be giving us a report on an unusual way Aussies host a car show.

Greg will be talking about trying to get to a similar show here in the states. Here is the link to that show:

Gregg Knapp

Our second guest is no stranger to the drag racing world. Randy Henning is the co-owner and operator of Great Lakes Dragaway located in Union Grove, WI. Its been said that the track is the oldest consecutive drag strip in America. Randy likes to say it’s the “Smallest largest race track in America.” We wanted to check on to see how this Corona Virus is impacting his track. We like to think that Randy and his partner Maurice are historic keepers of the track. With out them the track would have disappeared long ago. With the help of car clubs like Mellotones, Cruise’n Angels and Artist Rod and Custom the track had a “soft” opening in 1953. Randy is always a lot of fun to talk dragging with.

Check out Great Lakes Dragaway….

Randy Henning


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