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288: A Christmas present for a true car friend.

Show Date: 12/21/2019

(Season 13: EP 51)

If you follow Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio, then you know about our friend Bob Bennett. He operates Bennett Coachworks, one of the country’s best hot rod shops, located in Milwaukee.

Recently, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. It’s a disease that can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. In Bob’s case he became stricken within hours where the effects progressed completely up to his neck. Collapsing his lungs and rendering his body completely paralyzed. The medical team had to work fast to stop this progression before death.

This rendered Bob completely paralyzed from the neck down. Because this disease is so rare and unpredictable his chances for a full recovery was doubtful. The only thing they could offer was that with a miracle he might get some body functions back within a year or more. Him and his wife were looking at their life changing for ever. This was going to be a direr Christmas and holiday season.

The car community responded to Bob and his family by surrounding him with visits and sending best wishes. A Go Fund Me page was set up to help pay for the expensive experimental procedures and other medical bills.

Even with the knowledge he might not ever be able to move he continued to reach out to his shop. He held meetings with this staff while they stood around his hospital bed.

Bob was determined to overcome this. The first thing he did was surround himself with fellow church members who helped him keep his Christian faith strong. He did daily prayers asking not for himself but for those around him. Next he had them fabricated little holding devices for his phone so he could communicate with friends and family.

Then he made a promise to God and family that he was going to gain his strength back.

And now for the best Christmas present part of this interview.

In a month – not years and to the amazement of medical personal, family and friends, Bob has gained some ability with his arms and hands. Some movement in his legs. And it appears with continued therapy he might be able to stand by himself. He is home now and will be able to enjoy the holidays with his family. Just in time for Christmas.

We will be sitting at Bob’s dining room table talking about his journey. His strong beliefs, his wonderful wife and how proud he is of his team at the shop.

This will be a Christmas show that will be inspiring for everyone.


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