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285: Steve Darnell from Welder Up and TV’s Vegas Rat Rod.

Show Date: 11/30/2019

(Season 13 EP 48)

Steve is an artist and cartoonist.

He doesn’t use pencils, markers or brushes to create. He uses old metal, farmer implements and barbwire. All held together with a welding stick. Some think he’s a modern day renaissance man who sees the automotive world differently than those in Detroit.

The definition of art is: the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects – Merriam-Webster.

Whether he creates a rolling piece of art like a 55 Chevy with a black plum puffing diesel engine or a TV stand made from a model A body with real cactus plants surrounding it – his imagination always provokes an emotion with those viewing his artwork.

Cartoonist? When you see one of his works – you think it just rolled off the page of CARtoons magazine, fell out of Ed Roth’s head or you have dreams of a Disney character popping out from the big screen.

He operates a successful welding business / slash / hot rod shop. His crew is used to making controversial rides. From a clown rat ride to a black 55 car once owned by a cult leader.

Steve never apologies for what they build. In fact, Steve has a huge following that believe he carries the torch for the rest of the low-brow circuit.

In this interview Steve talks about his creative influences and living on a ranch where he worked the land and roped cattle. Then we talked about the status of his Vegas Rat Rod TV show. Plus, Steve has a weekly YouTube video where he shares welding tips and shoe repair.

Look at Welder Up’s website.
Check out Steve’s YouTube channel.

Watch an uncut / unedited video of this interview. Go to Captn’ Bob and Arlo YouTube channel.


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