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283: Ring Brothers, 2019 SEMA Best of the Builders and Bob Ashton with Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals.

Show Date: 11/16/2019

(Season 13 EP 46)

Mike and Jim Ring
They just won the Battle of the Builders award at this year’s 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas. They put their touch on a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro for a customer in Belgian.

The entire car is made of carbon fiber which has never been done before. The rear has been widen by 5 inches and the front to 3 inches. The wheel base has been stretched 1.5 inches. Sounds easy – right? NOT! Everything has to be configured. From the frame, wheel size, interior and engine compartment. Which now has 890 horse power.

The Ring’s are known for their attention to detail and clever approaches to body lines and stance.

The Ring Brothers shop is located in the little town of Spring Green, Wisconsin. They continue to the manufacture of after market parts – such as handles and hood hinges in their plant. These parts are shipped globally.

Check the Ring Brothers website and social media.

Bob Ashton
Over 10 years ago Bob decided it was time to produce his own indoor car show that would compete with international events. His love for all things muscle and Corvette drove him to promote a unique show. To have a show dedicated to just these vehicles was risky. It proved to be a winner combination.

Immediately, other like minded people jumped at the chance to help out. Noted collectors and authors assisted in finding the right venue, financial backing and a slew of cars to show.

The goal each year is to show cars that were not part of last years event. Therefore, the show is fresh and unique. The floor of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is Rosemont Illinois is full of hand selected muscle cars and corvettes. Over 500 cars are nicely layout for spectators to walk around and talk with their owners.

A nice addition is the area known for “Barn Finds”. A term used to describe a vehicle that was forgotten in a barn or overgrown field. These cars are brought in with all the rust, dirt and indescribable things still intact.

Check out the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals website and social.


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