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148: 1st 20 years Great Lakes Dragaway + Brewtown Rumble Vintage Motorcycle Show

Show Date: 06/03/2017

Guests: Randy Henning from Great Lakes Dragaway and Kevin Frank with the Brewtown Rumble Vintage Bike Show


Randy Henning

Great Lakes Dragaway – The First 20 Years – Nostalgic Celebration
Saturday, June, 3rd and 4th, 2017
Union Grove, Wisconsin
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1956 to 1976 – 20 years. 

The historic drag strip, located just outside of Union Grove, Wisconsin – that some would say is the longest consecutive running race track in America –  was started to get those hot rod kids of the 50’s off the streets. With the help of many historians and interviews with the original owners Lynn Bennett and Bob “Broadway” Metzler (both deceased) – along with interviews of the car club “kids” that were there and contributed their time to building the track – we were able to patch together an extensive document.

In early 2011 Captn’ Bob and Arlo wanted to show appreciation of the old car club members by finding them to recording interviews and scanning their old membership items. The search was limited to Southeastern Wisconsin because of funding. What was discovered became an amazing journey into the development of Great Lakes Dragaway and their contribution to the hot rod culture.

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Below are a few of the photos of the early days of Great Lakes Dragaway.

Courtesy of Historian Kurt Rymkus, members of the Artist Rod & Kustom Car Club, Mellotones Car Club and the Cruisn’ Angels Car Club.

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Below are two posters designed by Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio to commemorate the car clubs and Great Lakes Dragaway. 

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For more information go to Great Lakes Dragaway website. 

Kevin Frank

3rd Brewtown Rumble Vintage Motorcycle Show
Pabst Brewery – downtown Milwaukee
Sunday, June 4th
11 am to 6 pm

The Brewtown Rumble is a ride-in vintage motorcycle show. It doesn’t matter the make, model or condition of the bike. It just matters that you ride it! Everyone is welcome – riders and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. The Rumble also features live music, vendors and food from some of Milwaukee’s best cafes, restaurants and food trucks.

The Brewtown Rumble is organized by members of the Badger Heritage Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America and MilVinMoto, a group of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts from Milwaukee.

They are a non-denominational when it comes to our love of vintage motorcycles. All makes and all models. Any condition. All that matters is that you love riding it. Everyone is welcome at the Rumble riders and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

Proceeds from the Rumble support the BUILD MOTO Mentor Program – through building motorcycles, the program mentors and trains local Milwaukee high school students.

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