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147: Noah Alexander, Velocitys new show “Speed is the New Black”

Show Date: 05/27/2017


Noah Alexander


During the episodes of “Speed is the New Black”, Noah and his team will be creating custom vehicles that are designed for the open road. Whether it’s for participating in cross country rally races, going 200 miles-per-hour at the legendary Texas Mile or racing their old Challenger against a newer model, these babies are built for speed.

Viewers will get an inside look at the intricate builds coming out of Noah’s shop – from redesigned classic cars such as a 1962 Corvette to a 1990 Porches 911 and everything in between.

Noah and his Classic Car Studio crew service clients all across the globe, customizing them to fit their client’s physical size, lifestyle, environment, driving style and goals. In the new series, viewers will see Noah and his crew attach any daunting task at hand, including adding a 1200 horse power supercharger to a 1969 Chevelle, or installing an aviation-themed interior with metal bomber seats to a Viper-powered 1962 Chrysler 300.

Speed is the New Black
Velocity Channel (check your local cable provider)
Wednesday nights 9 pm CDT.

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