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129: KC Mathieu talking about Aaron Kaufman, Daniel Ryser a Switzerland Hot Rod Builder

Show Date: 01/21/2017

 KC Mathieu and “Where in the world is AK?” + Dan Ryser will share what’s it like to build hot rods in Switzerland?

KC Mathieu

Aaron and KC and the marines, toys for tots
Our favorite kid will be on the show! We wanted to find out how he is doing since he left Gas Monkey Garage. Find out if he is still into funky knee socks. AND… what was the great bearded one … Aaron Kaufman was doing in his Facebook Live feed a couple of weeks ago. On December 23rd, WHRR posted an article about KC and Aaron. It was shortly after Aaron decided to leave Gas Monkey Garage. Then he disappeared.


What’s it like building hot rods in Switzerland?


Daniel Ryser


Daniel is owner and operator of his own hot rod shop in Switzerland. It’s called Tuning Factory. We met him standing around the Factory 5 exhibit at the SEMA 16 show. The conversation was about some of his builds and how the auto laws effected each build he made. We found out some interesting things that would drive hoodlums in American insane.

Check his website to see what he is working on:

If you are using the Google browser you can select that his website be translated into English.

Here are a few of his builds: