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246: No Frills RING Girls – The Ring Sisters (in-laws)

Show Date: 03/02/2019

Guest: Nancy and Peggy Ring, Ring Brothers.

Peggy and Nancy Ring

Everyone knows the name “Ring Brothers”. They are premier custom car builders who have been recognized by top industry leaders and builders. However, what about their spouses? Nancy (Mike) Ring and Peggy (Jim) Ring. They work behind the scenes assuring things stay together in the shop.

We thought it would cool to talk with the Ring “sisters-in-laws” and find out how it all works and what they see for the future of the Ring Brothers organization. And not to mention, we might learn some family secrets.

In 1987 Jim Ring marries high-school sweetheart, Peggy Johnson.  1991 Mike Ring weds California native Nancy Libby who trades sun for snow. So it’s easy to say that Super Models married the Ring Boys.

They will tell you that both marriages are going strong!  Jim & Peggy 33 years, Mike and Nancy 28.  They each have 3 kids all about the same age and grew up adjoined at the hip for much of their childhood.  Now that they are empty nesters, Peggy’s career in real estate is in full gear and helps with where she can at the shop.  Nancy retired from American Players Theatre as CFO a couple years ago to help manage the business side of RB.

For as long as the girls (super models) have known the Ring boys, cars, boats and anything with fast engines have been an important aspect of our lives.   They spent weekends tinkering on cars, going to car shows and coercing Peggy to enter wet t-shirt contests so we could have a nice dinner that night.  They were copilots and flag girls when the guys would drag race the locals.  Always up for an adventure – and no matter what, always having fun, laughing till they couldn’t breathe.   Not much has changed in that way.  However kids and age have slowed the pace some.

This year they are celebrating 25 years in business.  What started as a collision repair and fast oil change shop (Classic Auto Body & Speedy P’s, Inc.) in 1994 has morphed into custom car building, collision repair, aftermarket automotive parts manufacturing and land management.  All four of them wear many hats, catch balls the other drops and share the risks of pushing the envelope on so many fronts.  There have been and will be challenges and rough patches along the way, but they always persevere thanks to trust, love and humor.  If you have spent anytime with the girls you will know this attitude is infectious.

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2018 SEMA Show Right – Mike, Nancy, Arlo, Peggy, Jim and Captn’ Bob