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184: National Street Rod Association’s Vehicle Safety Inspection Requirements

Show Date: 02/10/2018

Guest: Jack Liberto, National Street Rod Association

Having a street rod is a lot of fun and really cool to drive.

You work hard turning a wrench putting in different suspensions, engine modifications and adapting parts from other cars to yours. Welding and pounding a frame together so it will handle a different block or rear ends. Stringing and stretching wires from tail lights to head lights. Then the interior gets an update to bucket seats from another era by drilling holes in the floor and bolting them down. The body gets shaved, shaped and hammered into a bad ass custom.

So with all those modifications how can anyone be sure the hot rod is safe to drive hundreds of miles or just the local car show? How do you minimize any problems with the cops when you get pulled over for suspected safety violations?

That’s were car guys from the National Street Rod Association and their charters like Wisconsin Street Rod Association can help. Years ago they decided to make a list of safety requirements that sets the standard for all hot rodders to follow. And to assist the members of these clubs started offering “on site” inspections. These members arrive at car shows and set up an inspection area where vehicles can be looked over. What is reassuring is that they will spot anything that might cause you problems on the road. And if you pass all requirements they give you documentation and a window sticker proclaiming this vehicle is safe.

From suspension, speed indicator, mirrors, glass, lights, steering and more – you can be assured all your hard work paid off.  There are many benefits to having WSRA inspect your street rod. There is peace of mind that your rig will run down the road safely. And it can pay off when selling the car.

Check out more information of how and where you can have your street rod inspected.