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188: Mike Yager – Head Cheerleader of Mid America Motorworks

Show Date: 03/10/2018


Mike Yager IS the authority on Corvettes and Air Cooled VW Parts.

His company, Mid America Motorworks, supports Corvette enthusiasts by providing parts, services, support and pure fun. In fact, he named his annual Corvette show “FunFest Corvette”. It’s an amazing week long event that reflects the magnitude of his company. The show is so big that the program guide is a hard bound book that would be welcomed on anyone’s coffee table.


He publishes a Corvette Bible that has gone through several editions. Jay Leno considers him the main source for Corvette knowledge. He even has been honored by becoming a member of the Corvette Hall of Fame.

Somewhere along the line he started building parts and services for Air Cooled Volkswagen. And now that has it’s own event.

For more information about Mid America Motorworks see the following websites;