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239: Marc Methot, Publisher of CARtoons Magazine

Show Date: 01/12/2019

CARtoons Magazine is one of the coolest and funniest automotive magazines. Marc Methot rescued the magazine from the newsstand grave yard. The magazine started in the late 50’s and continued to be published until the 90’s. Where it fell into obscurity due to publishing cost and readers being distracted by that internet thinging.

The comic magazine includes short comic strips, short stories, cool artwork and kookie characters. The artwork is created by a lot of degenerate illustrators who gives the readers relate-able life experiences with cars. All subscribers can’t wait to see the next issue because each issue had a ton of fun to stare at.

Marc is a regular dude that stepped up and successfully obtained the trademark to this magazine. Since then he has been a busy guy. Running a print and digital magazine takes a lot of time.

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