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194: Bay View Red Cat Race Car and the Jefferson Spring Swap and Car Show

Show Date: 04/21/2018

Guests: Dana Timm with Milwaukee Public Schools Bay View High School and Gary Esse with Madison Classics


Dana Timm

Lead Engineering Teacher
Bay View High School

Red Cat Race Car is a school project where the students build a car from scratch. Dana started this club two years ago because he felt his students needed to learn how to work together in a full hands-on environment. Having them design, engineer and execute a plan. To be in the club the students must commit several lunch periods each week where they weld, turn wrenches, hammer, mold and shape their idea for a race car. Most students aren’t sure if they want to have a career in the automotive field but love to work with their hands. See video about Bay View School

This year’s car is a limited 16 hp Briggs and Stratton V-twin engine. The transmission is simple using a chain driven centrifugal clutch attached to a solid rear axle. The Red Cat Race car will be racing at Road America on May 14th and 15th.

However, the funding for this car and team is not supported by the school district – so now tax dollars are used. Local sponsors support a fair portion of the cost by donating supplies and financial help. Any additional costs are carried by Dana’s own personal funds. If you would like to help with donations please contact Dana at 90-538-2557 or email him at

We literally build from the ground up. We then develop cardboard templates of our floor drawings and that’s when the fun really starts.

Student fixing the engine plate.

Almost finished, just needs some rear brakes.

Our “completed” car.

Gary Esse
Madison Classics

Gary Esse will be joining us. Every year – at this time – the Jefferson Swap Meet and Car Show is the true sign the Midwest is thawing out from a long winter. Over 4 thousand vendor booths loaded with automotive and motorcycle parts, memorabilia and vehicles. And accompanying this is one of the areas biggest car corrals. And next to that is one of the areas largest 2 day car and motorcycle show.

To find out more see their website at

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