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204: Jo Coddington, American Hot Rod & Tim McCormick, Harley Davidson Museum

Show Date: 06/30/2018

We will have two great guests:  Jo Coddington from American Hot Rod TV and Tim McCormick from Milwaukee’s Harley Davidson Museum.


Jo Coddington

Jo will coming to Wisconsin’s Iola Car Show and Swap, July 12 to 14th. She will be signing autographs and providing services for veterans. Joe Opperman, Marketing Director said “Jo is like family when she comes. Everyone loves her willingness to help were she can”.

Her marriage to one of the most influential custom builders – Boyd Coddington was true love and the cars they built together. Even though the TV show stopped production when Boyd passed – you can still watch old episodes of American Hot Rod on the Discovery Channel. She was the major force for making Boyd’s business excel and the show a hit with car enthusiasts.

What most people don’t know is that Jo has raced just about anything with wheels. From go carts, stock cars, dragsters and a Bonneville racer. She loves speed and horsepower.

To this day, Jo is considered an automotive ambassador and the queen of hot rodding. She remains a spokesperson for companies and an advocate for the automotive industry. She has worked with International Areo Products, Factory 5, Sunday Drive, Pete’s Hot Rod Shop.

Click here for her website. 

Tim McCormick

Harley Davidson Museum Communications Director 

Tim has some exciting news to share about several events happening with Harley Davidson. They are celebrating the 10th birthday of the Harley Davidson Museum. There is going to be a big party held on July 12-15th. Click here for more info about the birthday party. 

Then he will be talking about Harley Davidson’s big 115th anniversary. They will host from August 29th through September 2nd. And of course there is always a big parade. Click here for more info about the 115th. 

Tim did say he might have some big surprises for the WHRR listeners…. maybe free passes.

Click here to see the Harley Davidson Museum.