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232: Ira Gabriel from SEMA and Frank Gabrielli from Battery Saver Technology

Show Date: 11/24/2018

Guest: Ira Gabriel is with SEMA and Frank Gabrielli created Battery Saver Technology.


Ira Gabriel
SEMA Vice President and Marketing

We talked with Ira about his recent research into the purchasing patterns of 18 to 34 year-old. Until now it’s been a subject often just talked about – with no actual data. Ira’s team did extensive research trying to find out how this age group felt about cars. Do they think they are necessary? Do they even want to own a vehicle? And what types of after market products would they be interested in?

The research turned up some unexpected results. And Ira will share those with us.

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Frank Gabrielli
Battery Saver

Frank engineered a better way to protect and save your car, boat and motorcycle battery. He shares how batteries work and how best to protect them. In addition, he will talk about his entire line of battery care products.

See more information about his products


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