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222: Captn’ Bob and Arlo Split UP!

Show Date: 09/15/2018

There are so many car and motorcycle shows to go to! The boys had a day off and what did they do? The hit up a few shows. Only, they SPLIT UP and went bumming in different directions.

Arlo (and his lovely Dove) went to the High Voltage Vintage Motorcycle and Chopper Show and then later in the day they went to the famous Georgie Porgies Cruise Night. Captn’ Bob (and his lovely Dove) went over to the Greenfield “THE AMP” car show. The city of Greenfield is the Captn’s hometown and where he was their police commissioner. (see Richie’s Photo Album)

High Voltage Motorcycle & Chopper Show

Georgie Porgies Cruise Night

Greenfield’s THE AMP Car Show

But! Don’t worry the guys met up on Sunday for the Saukville car show. Where they spinned a few tunes, gave away a few Gruber Law shirts and eat a lot of burgers.  (see Richie’s Photo Album)

Captn’ Bob and Arlo in Saukville, WI

Listen this Saturday to hear about their Hot Rod Adventures.

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