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97: Peter and Gary Klutt, Legendary Motorcar Company and hosts of Discovery’s Velocity Legendary Motorcar TV series

Show Date: 06/11/2016


Peter Klutt, Legendary Motorcar Company

Peter is a combination of race car driver, vehicle archaeologist, museum curator, craftsman, shrewd businessman and an excellent teacher of automobiles.

Along with his son Gary and skilled craftsmen – he manages a 55,000 sq. ft. facility that houses historic domestic and foreign automobiles. There is a 100 car showroom, fully equipped mechanical and assembly bays and a fully equipped body shop. From full ground up restorations, to service, appraisals, storage and an ever changing inventory of some of the world’s finest collector and investment cars for sale.


Each episode of the TV series centers on one or two vehicles like season 1 episode 1 when they get tipped off about a 37 Packard to season 2 episode 4 where they help a young man with a serious medical condition fulfill his dream of owning a replica of the iconic 68 Mustang GT from the movie Bullitt.

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