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94: Tim McCormick and David Kreidler Harley-Davidson Museum

Show Date: 05/21/2016

Tim McCormick is Museum Communications Project Manager and David is Exhibition Curator for Museum

Harley – Davidson Motor Cycle Museum


The museum was built to house and preserve historical motorcycles and artifacts. Walking through hundreds of dioramas, interactive exhibits and artifacts you will see the complete history of the Harley and Davidson families. And their dedication to providing quality transportation that continues to nurture one of the world’s most loyal followers.

To understand and support those followers Harley – Davidson built a most travel destination for anyone riding one their bikes. With over 450 motorcycles archived and displayed, including the now famous bike with serial number one – a complete remake of the original machinist shed that built it – and every cycle manufacture through today. They even have a full replica of a board motorcycle race track with restored track bikes.

The exhibits are always being updated and new ones are being created to keep the experience alive and fresh.

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