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82: Jo Coddington down under with Pete Neale + Doug Rose Green Mamba Jet Car

Show Date: 02/27/2016

Jo Coddington down under with Pete Neale

Jo took a long plane trip to Pete’s Hot Rod Shop and Restoration Shop located in Cottonvale, Queensland, Australia for the annual Moonshine Run Car Show. Jo and Pete will be giving a report on how the event went.

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In 1962 Doug Rose was asked to drive a jet strapped to four wheels. He didn’t hesitate and soon became a legend traveling through the drag strip circuit with the jet car called the “Green Monster”.


Breaking all kinds of track records – not to mention entertaining the fans with a jet strapped to his back. For many years he brought his beast to Great Lake’s Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin. While the flames were shooting out of the Mamba track owner, Broadway Bob would sit on its nose while holding his favorite “CAF”. (cold and free)


In 1966 Doug had a near fatal accident when in the Green Monster. With full thrusters he went straight into a track guardrail. The result was him losing both of his legs. His love for going fast didn’t stop him. He fashioned a pair of legs and built another jet car called the “Green Mamba”. Through the years Doug has won over 3,700 races and was the National Jet Car Champion 11 times.



Though his racing days are over Doug still brings out the Mamba to entertain race fans by burning up cars that are strapped down to the jet car and with full “flame on” he burns it to a crisps. Under the force of the fire from the jet – the car melts and demolishes right in front of the fans.
Take a look at how the Green Mamba destroys cars.

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