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218: John Gillespie in 1965 started using vehicles to help troubled youths

Show Date: 08/18/2018



Rawhide Boys Ranch

In 1965, John and Jan Gillespie had an idea to help at-risk youth and their families by introducing moral values, academics, and work experience in their lives. In need of a major endorsement, John and Jan contacted NFL champion Bart Starr, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, which is how Bart Starr became a large part of Rawhide history.

Bart and his wife Cherry showed interest in the idea of a ranch that helped troubled teens and decided to support John and Jan, allowing them to purchase a 714-acre parcel of property along the scenic Wolf River in New London, Wisconsin. That same year, John and Jan were able to help eight young men; and Rawhide was born.

John recently authored “Our 351 Sons; Developing Character, Leadership and Respect. The book chronicles 35 years of how he and his wife started this unique life changing experience for all these kids. With help from his closest friend – Bart Starr – they have embarked on saving young boys through one of most successful juvenile rehabilitation centers in the country.

John Gillespie (R)

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