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403: Memories with Richie and Beth

Show Date: 03/05/2022

(Season 16 EP 10)

This Week’s Topics: March 5, 2022

  • Memories with Richie and Beth +
  • Captn’ Bob and Arlo are retiring and closing shop –

Notice: It was announced last week that Captn’ Bob and Arlo are retiring Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio.

Memories with Richie and Beth

There have been several people who have volunteered their time throughout the years to help with Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s mission. That mission is to connect car enthusiast with car promoters. WHRR is proud to call them our friends and co-workers.

They are Richie, Chrissy Jaeschke and Beth Kjell.

In this week’s show we wanted to honor all three by having them share some of their highlights working with WHRR and many others in the car community.


Richie and Chrissy Jaeschke

Richie is considered the “official” photographer for WHRR. He appeared on the scene over 14 years ago with a simple camera around his neck snapping photos of each car parked at a show. Which, probably totaled 24 images per show. And the number of shows might have been several per month.

Today, Richie will cover over 70 shows in a summer with the possibility of 300 to 1,500 photos per show. And those are just the photos he will share on his WHRR photo album. He has amassed a huge library of all types of vehicles that will serve as Ahistorical documents for future hot rodders.

You can find Richie’s Photo Albums on the WHRR website. These albums will be available for a limited time.

In addition, you can find all of his photos on the  

Chrissy… when Richie is not available to photograph a car show, Chrissy will hop in her Ford Falcon and cover it. She pulls out her own camera and tries to follow Richie’s directives. They would include closing the hoods, shot at a particular angle and to make sure you include plenty of friendly smiles.

However, she has dedicated much of her time to assist in the WHRR booth handing out literature or swag, organizing the “Famous Flying Flyer” table and making sure everyone is served. She continues to help with charitable car club events like those with the Nostalgic Car Club and the Loser’s Car Club. We should mention that we can always count on Chrissy to bring homemade treats.

Beth Kjell

She is everywhere there is a car show in a 500-mile radius. You might catch a glimpse of her racing through the back roads with the top down in her Chevy Impala SS convertible that once belonged to her dad. She is either working the parking area, handing out fliers or organizing a crew of volunteers.

At an early age she worked at local pubs and restaurants. Usually, those places were tied to either cars or motorcycles. Many of you probably met her when she managed many of Wisconsin’s Quacker State and Lube weekly car cruises. If you were able to enjoy one of those nights – it was because Beth was working in the background.

Several years ago, WHRR asked Beth to help them with their own cruise through the country. Starting at one QSL and ending up at another. The trac would be over 100 miles with intermittent gas and food stops along the way. There were brewery venues, hot rod shop tours including the famous Ring Brother in Spring Green or the Olson Brothers in Stoughton, spelunking in giant caves and watching rock n roll bands play to the crowd.

In recent years, WHRR has relied on Beth to spread our message, gather request for Captn’ Bob and Arlo appearances and work with our promotional materials. She works continuously in promoting the WHRR brand.

During the summer, you will find her everywhere there is a car show. However, she does have her own cruise night. It’s at the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s a 50’s style bowling alley with a giant parking area.  It’s here that you will find all makes and models surrounding the building and music stage. Each week they have a different live band.

Captn’ Bob and Arlo are retiring and closing up the shop

From Captn’ Bob and Arlo – It all started 15 years ago. The two of us formed Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio, LLC after meeting at a car show. We talked about how there must be a better way to share car show information. That most events were fundraisers and it was sad they weren’t being more attended.

Then one day Arlo was having lunch with a close friend, Robert Deglau, who was the program director for a local radio station. He mentioned that he had to find an ethnic to replace the one leaving Saturday mornings. Arlo blurted out that this area needed a show about car shows and suggested doing one. The friend laughed and said he needed to represent an ethnic group because Saturdays were dedicated to shows that supported Hmong, Polish and German cultures. Two hours later – after they parted from having lunch – Robert called and said everyone at the station loved the idea of having an automotive themed show. He said that they would consider car people an ethnic group.

Immediately, Arlo remembered the discussion with Captn’ Bob and decided to give him a call. It was a well-known fact, that Bob had a lot of experience promoting and attending car shows. He was in charge of the local DARE car show, spear-headed the building of a pavilion dedicated to NASCAR driver Alan Kulwicki and traveled around the state attending car events. It took Bob about 2 seconds to agree to creating a new company that was dedicated to car enthusiast.

The two sat down with a handful of car show fliers and hit the record button on one of Arlo’s many audio recorders. They didn’t realize how much time went by because they were creating something new and it was a blast. It was then they decided this could work. In late 2006, they pooled their personal monies and contacted a lawyer to legitimately set up the company. They named it Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio, LLC.

So much has happened since then. Creating a full-service car show listing, a neat little printed calendar to write down your favorites, hundreds of stories told, monitor government laws that impact the hobby, protecting the past and educating the future, travels to many car events, exhibit set ups that included the “famous flying flier table”, access to celebrities, performing charitable stunts and playing cool music to a car crowd.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of “like-minded” sponsors who gave their monies, time and resources to service the community.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of volunteers like Richie, Chriss and Beth, along with so many others.


Here is the remaining schedule for the radio show.

March 5 – Richie and Beth
March 12 – Joe and Amanda Martin with Jo Coddington
March 19 – Listeners can call in to the studio
March 26 – Listeners can call into the studio (last show)

So, as we say on the radio “Be there or be square…we’re out of here!”

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